Dr Elisabeth Philipps PhD BSc(Hons) BSc Nut. Med. FNTP
Do you want to improve your health, energy levels and overall feeling of well being? Here’s how Dr Elisabeth Philipps PhD at Hartwell Nutrition can help you.
What is nutritional therapy?

Nutritional therapy is about much more than eating a balanced diet. It is a combination of nutrition science, biochemistry and a holistic approach to promote optimal health and prevent disease.

Nutritional therapy practitioners work closely with each client (often with the support of their GP), helping them to optimise their health by addressing underlying causes rather than just the symptoms.

Since everyone’s nutritional requirements are unique, we will take a detailed confidential client history including current health issues, diet and lifestyle. We will then work together to design a personalised nutrition programme, which will incorporate your likes, dislikes and lifestyle requirements. You’ll have support and information which will enable you to make significant and permanent changes to your energy and health.
      What can nutritional therapy do for me?

Everyone can obtain some benefit from nutritional therapy, because even a few simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can have profound effects on your health. For example nutritional therapy can help towards:

  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improving sleep and reducing feelings and symptoms of stress
  • Losing weight and maintaining weight loss in a healthy way
  • Managing an existing condition or symptoms
  • Maintaining or improving existing good health
  • Avoiding possible future health problems