Dr Elisabeth Philipps PhD BSc(Hons) BSc Nut. Med. FNTP

What does a nutritional therapy consultation involve?

Before the consultation
Before a consultation you will be asked to complete a detailed confidential health questionnaire and food diary. Using this information during the initial consultation allows me to build a comprehensive picture of your lifestyle, eating habits, medical history and any concerns you have about your health.

During the consultation
We will discuss your aims for the outcome of your nutrition programme, and work together to create a nutrition programme that suits your needs, preferences and lifestyle. Functional tests may also be used, although this is optional and can be discussed during the consultation.

You will also:
  • learn about the causes of your symptoms
  • acquire knowledge of both beneficial and potentially detrimental foods
  • be advised on lifestyle changes to help achieve your programme goals
  • receive guidance on supplements that will support your nutrition programme

After the consultation
You will receive a personalised client pack which includes tasty and nutritious recipes and meal ideas tailored to your needs and lifestyle, and additional information to support you through your programme.

Consultation types:

Full Consultation:
Price: from £75 typically 75-90mins
Details: A nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire will be sent to you upon booking. This needs to be completed and returned a minimum of 3 days prior to your initial appointment *

Follow-up Consultation:
Price: from £60 typically 45-60mins
Details: These are usually booked 4-8 weeks after your initial visit *

Consultation Package:
Price: from £120
Details: Includes 1 full consultation and 1 follow-up consultation

Diet MOT:
Price: from £50
Details: The Diet MOT is for those clients who are not suffering from specific health issues, but feel they could make improvements to their diet. We will ask you to fill in a food diary over a five day period, and provide recommendations to optimise your diet and improve your health. The service can be conducted via email, telephone, or in person, and includes recipe and meal ideas.

Supermarket Sweep:
Price: from £25
Details: Food labelling and news headlines often give us confusing and contradictory messages. The Supermarket Sweep service is a visit to your regular grocery store where I will talk you through labelling, and suggestions for healthy and delicious foods to support your programme.**

Nutrition & Health Advice Seminars:
Price: to be discussed according to requirements
Details: Elisabeth is an excellent speaker and is passionate about passing on her knowledge of how good food and nutrition promotes optimal health and vitality. She will conduct talks tailored to specific group requirements. Please ring 07766 750 188 to discuss.

*telephone support provided for the duration of your programme. Supplements and laboratory tests if advised and agreed incur additional costs
** only available in conjunction with a Full Consultation, Consultation Package or Diet MOT