Dr Elisabeth Philipps PhD BSc(Hons) BSc Nut. Med. FNTP

  • What is nutritional therapy?
    Nutritional therapy is designed to provide optimum nutrition for individual clients and encompasses the use of carefully compiled individual programmes for diet and lifestyle in order to alleviate or prevent illness and promote optimal health. Nutritional therapists may also use functional tests to inform treatment programmes. Recommendations may include guidance on natural detoxification, promotion of colon health, methods to support digestion and nutrient absorption, the avoidance of toxins or allergens and the appropriate use of supplements. Nutritional therapy is complementary to conventional medicine and does not replace medical advice.

  • How is nutritional therapy different from dietetics and nutritionists?
    There are many different professions working within the broad field of nutrition. Only practitioners in nutritional therapy and dieticians are trained in clinical practice to give one-on-one personal advice. Reputable Nutritional Therapists are registered through the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP). Nutritional therapists must meet the National Occupational Standards for Nutritional Therapy. Dietitians work principally in the National Health Service. Their professional body is the British Dietetic Association. Nutritionists often work outside a clinical context such as in the food industry or research. They are qualified to provide information to the public about food and healthy eating, but not about special therapeutic diets.

  • How should I choose a Nutritional Therapist?
    Unfortunately many complementary and alternative health care businesses are unregulated, so it is important to choose a practitioner who has a high level qualification in nutritional therapy and is a member of the appropriate regulatory bodies. Elisabeth gained a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Medicine at TVU, and is a member of the FNTP so is fully qualified and insured as a Nutritional Therapist. For further information go to www.fntp.org.uk.

  • What can I expect from a consultation?
    Elisabeth prides herself on offering each client caring, professional and confidential consultations. Before a consultation you will be asked to complete a detailed confidential health questionnaire and food diary. Using this information during the initial consultation allows me to build a comprehensive picture of your lifestyle, eating habits, medical history and any concerns you have about your health. You will receive a nutrition programme and information in a personalised client pack alongside telephone or email guidance.

  • How many consultations will I need?
    The number of consultations depends purely on the individual. Everyone has different aims and goals for their nutrition programme and this is reflected in the length of time and depth of service required. In general 3 consultations deliver great results. The Hartwell Nutrition Consultation Package with telephone and email support is a good way to start your nutritional therapy programme and ensure success. Ring me on 07766 750 188 if you have any questions or to discuss how Hartwell Nutrition can help you.

  • How quickly can I expect results from my Hartwell Nutrition programme?
    Nutritional therapy requires you to take an active role in your nutrition programme and does not offer any ‘quick fixes’. During a consultation Elisabeth will provide you with information and advice on what foods are good for you and why, what foods to avoid and how lifestyle changes may help your condition and improve your health. Along with your Hartwell Nutrition programme, personal client pack and email or telephone guidance, this will give you the best opportunity to ensure good results. The beauty of the Hartwell Nutrition programme is that it not only helps you to improve your health over a matter of weeks, but the benefits can last a lifetime.

  • Will my Hartwell Nutrition programme be difficult to follow?
    With the information you provide in the questionnaire and at the consultation, Elisabeth will design a tailored nutrition programme specific to your needs, food preferences and lifestyle requirements. This makes the Hartwell Nutrition programme something that can be easily followed, and with active participation delivers long-term success.

  • Isn’t it easier and quicker for me to go to see my doctor with my symptoms?
    Nutritional therapy is a complementary approach to health, so should never replace conventional medicine or advice from your doctor. You should always see a doctor with any symptoms or conditions that you are concerned about to rule out any dangerous or life-threatening illnesses.

    However there is a lot of scientific evidence to show how nutritional changes can improve a wide variety of symptoms. You will be amazed at how even the simplest changes to your diet and lifestyle, as recommended by Elisabeth, will help improve your health and symptoms. Your Hartwell Nutrition programme can also be used in conjunction with treatment from your doctor. Elisabeth may work with your GP, with your permission, to ensure the greatest success from your Hartwell Nutrition programme.

  • Are supplements a waste of money?
    Supplements are just that – supplementary to a balanced diet. The Hartwell Nutrition programme will focus on increasing nutritious and healthy foods in your diet and how best to prepare them to maximize their nutrient content. However many health conditions are as a result of long term nutrient deficiencies, so quite often the best way to support the Hartwell Nutrition programme is to include some good quality supplements.

    Cheap supplements often contain bulking agents such as fillers and binders. The forms of vitamins and minerals found in some cheaper supplements are hard for the body to absorb and utilise. This makes some cheap supplements a false economy. Elisabeth only suggests quality supplements to complement your nutrition programme. Whilst these costs are additional they will offer the best route to achieving your goals of optimum health.

  • Can I take supplements whilst on medication?
    Some supplements interact with certain medications. This is why you should see a nutrition expert like Elisabeth to advise you on the best diet and supplements for your condition.

    You are asked to state all the medication you are currently taking on the Hartwell Nutrition questionnaire. Elisabeth has access to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database which provides in-depth scientifically validated studies and information on supplement and medicine interactions. Elisabeth’s background as a research scientist enables her to ensure your nutrition programme is both safe and successful.